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Usually you'll find us traveling all over the world in search of digs. The grass is always greener on the other side, right? Not this time. We recently uncovered a massive deadstock Polo Sport haul right here in our hometown, Vancouver, thanks to a layup from our homie Freeky P. 
When he first told me about this spot I didnt think much of it. I figured there may be a piece or two but was definitely not expecting this amount of heat. Apparently the owners of this shop also had a second shop throughout the 90s. I sort of high end gift shop that catered to tourists and ship workers that passed through town and wanted to bring some presents home with them. They had an official Polo account at the time. When they closed up in about 98' they stashed everything away in their warehouse. 
Its safe to say that their warehouse is now void of Polo Sport as we took the whole lot and some. We came up heavy. There was lots of sick spell out Polo Sport windbreakers, golf shirts, swing top jacket plus we found some polo bear rugby shirts and bunch of other gems. We also came up on some Christian Dior bags and silk scarves as well as some sick signage. 
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